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"Very solid. Well constructed gags" - Glee Club, Birmingham

“"He opened with a great line and never really looked back. A lot of his material was relatable to the audience ... a commanding delivery" - Notts Comedy Review

“Well written, hard hitting gags that just keep coming…. if every act was half as good you'd have a blinder" - That Time of the Month, Newport Pagnell

 “A mature comedy performance that had the audience eating out of his hand” - TNT Comedy

 “His excellent story telling technique make him a truly great act" - Barton Today

"Material that was formidable enough to earn him not one, not two, not three, not four, but five applause breaks over fifteen minutes"- Notts Comedy Review

 “Pete is proper funny and well worth booking" - Nick Page, English Comedian of the Year 2017

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